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"I've had a few so-called 'life long' air filters over the years but none of them compare to the quality of my new BoAir filter.. and instead of taking up to an hour to wash, my BoAir filter rinses clean in minutes... These filters are great!!" - (Jack M. from Ohio)

" Thank you for restoring my faith in permanent / washable filters. I thought I was smart buying a cheaper filter from a competitor whose filter "looked" better on paper - even the pictures looked flashy. Talk about getting what you pay for - a 'hard-to-clean' piece of trash that now lives in a landfill. When a neighbor showed me his 11-year-old BoAir filter which was still coming as clean as the day he bought it - I had to have one - it's the best!!" - (Trish P. from Florida)

" I wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me on the phone this past Tuesday and wished to express how grateful I am for your advice. You recommended the Clairity ionizer instead of one of your more expensive products and it seems to have done the trick for my allergies. Thank you for being so honest and saving me a great deal of money!" - (Eve H. from New York)

" I know that you generally don't ship outside the US and had to make an exception in my case, so I just wanted to thank you for 'going the extra mile' for me. Your company was recommended to me by a friend in Illinois and she was absolutely right.... extra service with a smile!" - (Molly J. from St. Martens)

" Since installing my BoAir filter two weeks ago my allergies seem to have subsided and I am dusting far less often. Thank you for a great product, for your patience and for your great customer service" - (Annette R. from Florida)

" You would not believe the trouble I used to go to in order to find an air filter to fit my furnace - I should have ordered a BoAir air filter years ago. It arrived promptly and fits perfectly. Thank you for saving me so much hassle." - (Brian F. from California)

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