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Where do I install an electrostatic air filter?

You can install an electrostatic air filter in the same location that your disposable filters are currently installed.


Do you make custom size filters?

Yes, we do! In fact that is our specialty.  We can build a filter that meets your specific size requirements in a 1” or 2” frame.


How do you ship?

We ship UPS ground.


Is it easy to clean my electrostatic air filter?

It is very simple. Just follow the directions provided.


What does nominal sizing mean in regards to air filter size?

Most standard size filters are made smaller then what is printed on the filter and that is called “nominal sizing” This is so the filter will fit in the opening that it is suppose to go into.  For example a 20x20 filter will usually measure smaller then that size.  Most of the time, its actual measurement is approximately 19 5/8 x19 5/8 so there is enough space for it to fit into a 20x20 opening.  Our standard size filters use “nominal sizing” and thus are made 3/8ths of an inch smaller then what is printed on the filter.


Are your custom size filters made smaller to fit the opening?

No, custom size filters are made to your specific size requirements +/- 1/8 of an inch industry standard allowable tolerance.


What is the allowable tolerance on filter dimensions?

Allowable tolerance is +/- 1/8 of an inch.


What are the exact dimensions of our filter frames?

The 1” frame is actually 7/8 of an inch and the 2 inch frame is actually 1 ¾ of an inch.


In what increments do you size filters?

We size filters in 1/8” increments.  Please see below:

  • Whole number
  • 1/8 (2/16) decimal conversion is .125
  • ¼ (2/8, 4/16) decimal conversion is .25
  • 3/8, (6/16) decimal conversion is .375
  • ½ (4/8 or 8/16) decimal conversion is .50
  • 5/8 (10/16) decimal  conversion is.625
  • ¾  (6/8 or 12/16) decimal conversion .75
  • 7/8 (14/16) decimal conversion is .875
  • Next whole number


What is the warranty for the BoAIr 5 stage?

The warranty is lifetime of the unit for residential use and 10 years for  commercial use.

The boair flex filter has a 10 year warranty (residential).


What if I order the wrong size?

Please go to the store policies tab

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